Friday, 3 November 2017

Can You Rank A Website With Just Traffic? | A Case Study

Can You Rank A Website With Just Traffic? | A Case Study 
If you’re in any SEO groups around the web, there has been chatter recently about ranking websites with just traffic. For years we’ve all been on a about quality content and links. This has always made sense. If you build a website that has quality content, and then carefully build relevant and high quality backlinks, all things being equal you should do well in the search engines. As the process has evolved, it has become harder and harder to do this, although due diligence and planning is mighty helpful.
It also makes sense that if you do these two things correctly, you will rank, and then the organic traffic should start to flow, so it’s third in line in the sequence. Recently though it seems that Google has switched, or at least merged the presence of traffic into the filter. Sites that are getting more quality and relevant traffic, tend to do better in the search engines from a ranking point of view. So why is this the case?

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