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Openings on SEO In Hyderabad

SEO Analyst Openings in hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

AT Brihaspathi Technologies

Job Description

Hands-on SEO experience with a strong technical focus.Experience with analytics (Google Analytics), rank monitoring, and database tools, including the leading SEO software tools.HTML skills.Site audit experienceQualification in statistics, economics, accounting, math, engineering, market research or other data-driven field.Experience creating and executing search marketing campaigns.Knowledge with technical aspects of search engines.Familiarity with Google webmaster tools.Experience working with and optimizing SEO within CMS environments.Experience with A/B and/or multivariate testing.Advanced knowledge of Excel

Company Description

Brihaspathi Technologes Pvt. Ltd., is an IT Products and Solutions providing company

Aditional Information

Last updated:
Job type:
Full time
Position type:
Minimum experience:
Less than one year
Compulsory Education
Jobs in Internet Technologies / Web / E-Commerce


Openings for SEO Analysts in Hyderabad

Openings for SEO Analysts in Hyderabad (SEO Team Lead )

FIN Infocom - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
- Should be aware of Google recent changes including Panda
- Must be flexible and able to manage multiple project in specified deadlines
- Excellent reporting of SEO performance and key metrics
- Develop and execute digital marketing plan covering Web,Social media, SEO/SEM, and display advertising
- Manage all SEO efforts, including site optimization, rank performance, keyword research, SEO-friendly blog content and conversion rate optimization
Experience in SEO Tools such as Majestic etc.

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Openings for Search Engine Optimizer Manager with 5+yrs of Experience

SEO Openings in Hyderabad


Execute tests, collect and analyze data, identify trends and insights in order to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns 
Track, report, and analyze website analytics and PPC initiatives and campaigns 
Manage campaign expenses, staying on budget, estimating monthly costs and reconciling discrepancies. 
Optimize copy and landing pages for search engine marketing 
Perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimization 
Research and implement search engine optimization recommendations 
Research and analyze competitor advertising links 
Develop and implement link building strategy 
Work with the development team to ensure SEO best practices are properly implemented on newly developed code 
Work with editorial and marketing teams to drive SEO in content creation and content programming 
Recommend changes to website architecture, content, linking and other factors to improve SEO positions for target keywords. 
SEO Openings in hyderabad

SEO JObs in Hyderabad


Proven SEO experience 
Proven SEM experience managing PPC campaigns across Google, Yahoo and Bing. 
Solid understanding of performance marketing, conversion, and online customer acquisition 
In-depth experience with website analytics tools (e.g, Google Analytics, NetInsight, Omniture, WebTrends) 
Experience with bid management tools (e.g., Click Equations, Marin, Kenshoo, Search Ignite) 
Experience with A/B and multivariate experiments 
Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development and constraints 
Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in SEO and SEM 
BS/MS degree in a quantitative, test-driven field.

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12 Hilarious Transformations Of People During Drinking

12 Hilarious Transformations Of People During Drinking

Prathi vaaram bachleros ki mukhyamaina kshanalu shukravaram sayanthram nundi modlaavthai. Gandi kota rahsyam teruckuntundi, mandu babulu vichalavidiga mandutho viruchuka padataru tasmath jagratha. Mari aa sura paana virulu ela vuntaro chudandi…
1. Galass kinda pedithe vere vadu thagesthadani motham okesari khatham chesthadu veedu.
People-When-Drunk- (1)
2. Mandu padithe vidu inglishu thappa vere matladadu.
People-When-Drunk- (2)
3. Mama nenu mandu taagadam thaggichina, rendu peggulu chalu antadu okadu.
People-When-Drunk- (3)
4. Vidu bottom leni buckettu,vini daham eppatiki thiradu.
People-When-Drunk- (4)
5. Thaagudu thakuvva build up ekkuva vidiki.
People-When-Drunk- (5)
6. Prapachamlo unna badhallani katta kattukoni veedine ventaduthunattu badhapadthadu vidu.
People-When-Drunk- (6)
7. Thagithe “Rapchik Rangeela dancelu” chesthu racha racha srushtisthadu vidu.
People-When-Drunk- (7)
8. Karuvu prantham nundi vachinattu thaguthune vuntadu.
People-When-Drunk- (8)
9. Ganjayi vanamlo tulsi mokkala prathi batchlo o thumsup thagevadu khachthanga untadu.
People-When-Drunk- (9)
10. Thaginaaka prathi daniki “Hul chul mein gudal , Basthi mein sawal” chesthadu.
People-When-Drunk- (10)
11. Brand Baabji gadu okadu, vaadi brand thappa veredi muttanante muttadu.
People-When-Drunk- (11)
12. Mandu kante munching mide makkuva ekkuva vidiki bhayya.
People-When-Drunk- (12)
Thaginollandaru manchollu, thaganalollu andaru thaginaolla thipi gurthulu.
Thagutha thiyyaga challaga.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Nepal

An earthquake with magnitude 7.5 occurred near Pokhara, Nepal at 06:11:25.80 UTC on Apr 25, 2015 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Nepal...........
Bhimsen Tower in Kathmandu Before and after Earthquake...
A massive Earthquake with an magnitude of 7.5 on Richter Scale shook the Nepal this morning. The tremors were felt even the northern parts of India and Rajasthan too. The Point of earthquake is 50 miles from the Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. This measure is given be U.S Geological Survey Said.
Strong Physical Shaking was rated on the USGS ShakeMap. The communication and transport systems are down through out the area affected by the earthquake. At an depth of 18 miles form the surface of the earth the quake is generated.
As if now there is no causalities reported
Twitter burst out immediately after the natural calamity. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one among them to share on his twitter official account.

Nepal Earthquake April 25th 2015 Photos Images Pics Tweets Video


Nepal Earthquake 2015 Photos Updates


Nepal Earthquake April 25th 2015 Images

Nepal Earthquake April 25th 2015  Emergency Helpline Numbers

Bhimsen Tower in Kathmandu Before and after Earthquake

Bhimsen Tower in Kathmandu Before and after Earthquake


13 Funniest T-shirts Quotes Which Are Way Hilarious

13 Funniest T-shirts Quotes Which Are Way Hilarious
1. Such an inspirational statement.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (1)
2.  A lovable Wife.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (2)
3.  Protesting against the government in a new way.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (3)
4.  Humble message to all those girls.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (4)
5.  Smartest way of getting a girls number is here.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (5)
6.  Well we haven’t asked you grandpa.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (6)
7.  Daily resolutions are needed at any point of the age.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (7)
8.  Self fulfilling attitude here.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (8)
9.  A clear statement to all the wannabe’s.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (9)
10.  Girls facing a serious situation here.
Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (10)
11.  A proud husband isn’t he.
Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (11)
12. Life explained with Tee.
Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (12)
13. You will never be lost again with this amazing idea.Funny-Indian-Tshirts- (13)