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Google Ads Keywords Strategy

About keyword matching options

Keyword match types help control which searches on Google can trigger your ad. So you could use broad match to show your ad to a wide audience or you could use exact match to hone in on specific groups of customers.

Where to start

Consider starting with broad match. You can then add negative match keywords to exclude searches on Google that aren’t related to your business (optional).

Broad match

Broad match is the default match type that all your keywords are assigned. Ads may show on searches that include misspellings, synonyms, related searches and other relevant variations. So if your keyword is 'women’s hats', someone searching for 'buy ladies hats' as well as 'women’s scarves' might see your ad. Learn more about broad match.

Negative keyword

Excludes your ads from showing on searches with that term. So if you’re a hat company that doesn’t sell baseball hats, you could add a negative keyword, designated with a minus sign (-baseball hats). Learn more about negative keywords.


Adding very similar keywords, such as 'red car' and 'car red' isn’t recommended, as only one keyword would match both searches. However, doing so won’t affect your costs or performance in anyway.

For example, the broad match keywords 'red car' and 'car red' will be recognised as duplicates and the one with the higher Ad Rank will be used. Even though all your similar keywords may be eligible to serve on the same search, you'll only have one bid in the ad auction. This ensures that you'll never bid against yourself. Learn more About similar keywords in the same ad group.

Advanced options

These options are recommended for advanced advertisers trying to segment specific sets of searches.

Broad match modifier

Similar to broad match, except that the broad match modifier option only shows ads in searches that include the words with a plus sign '+' in front of them (+women’s hats), or close variations of the '+' terms. Learn more About broad match modifier.

Phrase match

Ads may show on searches that match a phrase, or close variations of that phrase, which may include additional words before or after. Ads won't show, however, if a word is added to the middle of the phrase that changes the meaning of the phrase. Phrase match is designated with quotation marks ('women's hats'). Learn more About phrase match.

Exact match

Ads may show on searches that match the exact term or are close variations of that exact term. Close variants include searches for keywords with the same meaning as the exact keywords, regardless of spelling or grammar differences between the query and the keyword. Exact match is designated with brackets ([red shoe]). Learn more About exact match.

To ensure that you don't miss out on potential customers, we may show your ads for close variations on all keyword types. Learn more About close variants

Additional tips

Restricting your keywords too much might limit traffic, so try to keep your keywords as broad as possible and layer them with Smart Bidding. Broader keyword can help machine learning technology prioritise the best performing keywords regardless of their match type. Learn more About Smart Bidding.

Keyword match type summaries

Match typeSpecial symbolExample keywordAds may show on searches that contain:Example searches
Broad matchnonewomen's hatsClose variations of the keyword, related searches and other relevant variations. The words in the keyword don’t have to be present in a user’s search.
  • buy ladies hats
  • women’s clothing
  • women’s scarves
  • winter headwear for women
Broad match modifier+keyword+women’s +hatsAll the terms designated with a + sign (or close variations of those terms) in any order. Close variations include terms with the same meaning. Additional words may appear before, after or between the terms.
  • women’s scarves and hats
  • winter hats for women
  • hats for stylish ladies
Phrase match“keyword”“women’s hats”Matches of the phrase (or close variations of the phrase) with additional words before or after. Close variations include terms with the same meaning.
  • blue women’s hats
  • buy hats for women
  • ladies hats on sale
Exact match[keyword][women’s hats]Exact matches of the term or close variations of that exact term with the same meaning.
  • women’s hats
  • ladies hats
  • hats for women
  • hats women

Thursday, 6 February 2020

White Label SEO. What is it and how does it work?

White Label SEO. What is it and how does it work?

What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO is the type of service where two or more companies can come together, work as a team, and can divide their work. For a better explanation, it is like the local SEO agency does the SEO for your company and you buy it from them.

Technology advances that are persistently occurring in the field of  Digital Marketing can be hard to follow for any Company that doesn't explicitly have a place with this area. For this reason, more and more marketing agencies have decided to outsource the work of SEO to Digital Agencies like Ramit Solutions specialized in digital marketing, or what is the same, enjoy the competitive and economic advantages offered by SEO white label .

To get more details on white Hat SEO service right now, will analyze what is and how SEO white label positioning functions, in all its extension and we will explain the advantages that this service offers to any company that belongs to the advertising sector.

White Label SEO Services | SEO Company in Hyderabad
White Label SEO Services | SEO Company in Hyderabad

How does the white label SEO positioning works?

Despite the fact that the white label idea emerged in the principal case in the nourishment part, as a way that huge companies & organizations offer a lower quality item at a lower cost without influencing its principle corporate picture, the white brand has since stretched out to different segments until at last arriving at computerized advertising. 

So in a comparative vein, white Label SEO is the service that agencies had practical experience in SEO positioning offer to different companies with the goal that they can remember these services for their list of arrangements. 

Along these lines, regardless of whether you have a place with an company in the market and publicizing division or on the off chance that you are an independent and offer advanced promoting services to different companies, the white label SEO position will permit you to offer this support of your clients without putting resources into faculty, the SEO apparatuses and the information you would need to do it. 

What will the white label SEO Company not handle?

Simply put, while your company will consistently and consistently stay in contact with the last client, selling, charging and speaking with it in a typical manner, the SEO positioning work will really be finished by another company or expert. Also, it will bargain, in addition to other things, with: 

Perform SEO reviews. 

Create and build up the most appropriate SEO system for each venture. 

Pose the activities and cutoff times that will make up this system. 

Manage the material and HR that are required. 

Provide SEO counsel to your company, when essential. 

Generate tweaked SEO reports that convey the logo and name of your company. 

And fundamentally, any business related to SEO positioning that you need to re-appropriate. 

What advantages does hiring a white label SEO agency offer you?

In spite of the fact that SEO positioning is one of the most significant pieces of a computerized advertising system, employing an expert or a particular company for the previously mentioned errands doesn't imply that you are enlisting a 360-degree advanced promoting office. 

In the event that you need the company that offers SEO white mark positioning to deal with different activities, for example, web examination, the service of your profiles on informal communities or the structure of bulletins that will be sent month to month to your clients and supporters, you should procure these services separated, to this equivalent organization or another on the off chance that it doesn't offer such services. 

What points of interest does enlisting a white name SEO or Digital Marketing Company offer you? 

So as you can envision, on the off chance that you have or accept that you could have a customer that is requesting such services and you need to offer them regardless of whether you can't, hiring a white label SEO positioning service can offer you succulent advantages

You will keep and hold your client since you will offer all that you need and won't have to go to your opposition. 

You can offer an expert SEO positioning service equipped for offering the outcomes you need to accomplish at the expense of the least conceivable speculation. 

The white name SEO company will do basically everything namelessly, and you will assume all the acknowledgment.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

SSL Certificate | HTTPS | SSL | Secure | Use of SSL Certificate

Google has given the notification,   it's now important to ensure every website has an SSL certificate and is loaded via HTTPS

Before purchase the SSL Certificate please read the below information

Why do we need ssl ?
This is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate.

How do SSL Certificates work ?
After the secure connection is made, the session key is used to encrypt all transmitted data. Browser connects to a web server (website) secured with SSL (https). Browser requests that the server identify itself. Server sends a copy of its SSL Certificate, including the server's public key.

Is a SSL certificate necessary?
If your website doesn't collect sensitive data, like credit cards or social security numbers, you may not have needed an SSL certificate in the past. However, with the new browser notices, it's now important to ensure every website has an SSL certificate and is loaded via HTTPS

Does your website takes text inputs in the form of login panels, contact forms, search bars, etc.
Is your website on HTTP://?

If it’s a YES to both of these questions, you need to install SSL to avoid any risks or warnings.

If you don’t implement SSL soon, your visitors will see a “Not Secure” warning on visiting your site.

What are the benefits of SSL?
Advantages of having an SSL certificate
What is a SSL certificate? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol designed to keep communication safe over the Internet...
Encryption. ...
Authentication. ...
Google search ranking boost. ...
Trusted indicators.

Google is pushing web owners to implement SSL certificate on the sites. The aim of Google is to become a trusted Search Engine. To do that, Google has to show only secure site in the results. That’s why Google is giving a rank push to HTTPS sites.

For More details  please contact us at Ramit Solutions on +91 8309329496.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Social Enterprise Digital Marketing Agency sets up in Leeds

Social Enterprise Digital Marketing Agency sets up in Leeds

A digital marketing agency has opened in Leeds, looking to contract and prepare individuals in-house, who might battle to discover beneficial work somewhere else.

Ground Up Digital is based at Roundhay and has been perceived by Social Enterprise UK.

It's been built up and financed by Rory Mason, who was already at Search Laboratory and Wolfstar PR:

Social Enterprise Digital Marketing Agency sets up in Leeds
Social Enterprise Digital Marketing Agency sets up in Leeds

"In Leeds there are heaps of very skilled individuals who are completely underestimated or need self-conviction," he clarified.

"This might be on the grounds that they have an inability, or they committed an error when they were youthful and now have a criminal record that is chasing after them. It's these individuals we need to help allow to."

It will offer web development and digital marketing company, with new staff prepared in one, or numerous controls.

Bricklayer said that his definitive objective was to turn into a full service providing company and enable representatives to head onto their most appropriate vocation way.

Ground Up's present site was worked by the organization's first enlist, Tiggi Pickard, who preceding beginning had no web advancement experience.

"When I was more youthful, I attempted so often to land positions and was thumped back on the grounds that I didn't have a degree and I had dyslexia," proceeded with Mason.

"Fortunately I was given an opportunity and preparing, and was permitted to thrive in the business, driving me to setting up my very own business. Presently I need to give others those equivalent chances."

Friday, 19 April 2019

HR Openings in Hyderabad for Students of Ramit Solutions

HR Openings in Hyderabad for Students of Ramit Solutions

Hi Ramit SolutionsAs per the discussion we are sending you the details for HR Opening positions for freshers who already finished HR TrainingThis is Srinivas Reddy from Source bridge consulting, We are hiring for  Hr Recruiter for my internal purpose tomorrow i am conducting  interviews, if you have any one please refer me.

For more details view he images below for roles and requirement

HR Openings in Hyderabad
HR Openings in Hyderabad

HR Jobs in Hyderabad
HR Jobs in Hyderabad

For applying to this job any students of Ramit Solutions can contact management @ 8019727924

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Job openings for HR and Digital marketing

Job openings for HR and Digital marketing 

Ramit Solutions 
Greetings from Ensnare Technology…!

As per our telephonic conversation I am sending you Job description for digital marketing,  and I don’t have any specific requirements for HR,
He/she should look good, able to manage English and Hindi, managerial skills, PFA.

Criteria for HR:
Skills : Should have knowledge on total HR
Exp : Freshers or 1 year exp

Criteria for Digital Marketing:
Skills : Should have knowledge on Digital Marketing - SEO and SMO
Exp : Freshers

JD for Digital Marketing openings

Urgent Hiring for Digital Marketing Executive!!

Position: Executive/Sr. Executive
No of post: 1no
Job Location: Hyderabad
Experience: 2+ years
Roles and Responsibilities –
 Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns.
 Manage and maintain organization website.
 Write and optimize content for the website and social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.
 Track and analyse website traffic flow and provide regular internal reports
 Continually work on the Search Engine Optimization of the website.
 Create online banner adverts and oversee pay per click (PPC) ad management
 Write copy for email marketing campaigns.
 Identify new trends in digital marketing, evaluate new technologies and ensure the brand is at the
forefront of industry developments, particularly developments in mobile marketing
 Driving Website and Google Ad-words Lead Generation.
 Publish blogs, press releases & news letter
Other Details:
 Industry: IT-Software
 Role: Digital Marketing Executive
 Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time
Skills & Qualifications required:
 Any graduate with relevant experience
 Experience digital communications and marketing.
 Experience or a qualification in graphic design can be helpful.
 Experience in ERP education software is a plus
 Editing & writing skills on various digital platforms
 Strong knowledge of search engine optimization and advanced Word and Power point skills

**Interested please share your profile to: with below details.
 Total of experience:
 Relevant experience:
 Current CTC:
 Expected CTC:
 Notice Period:

Thanks & Regards,

Charitha Bachina 
Manjeera Trinity Corporate |Hitec city road
Students of Ramit Solutions - For more details message your name and batch to the management number

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Digital Marketing Agency goes around the world in 80 days

Digital marketing agency goes around the world in 80 days

Top Digital Marketing Company sharing the info about how Digital marketing agency goes around the world in 80 days

An advanced advertising organization is set to go far and wide in 80 days this year in the wake of winning various new customers.

What Marketing, situated in Manchester, has won a few bits of work from customers including SANDEMANs New Europe, WYSE Travel Confederation and Wrestling Travel which will see the group venturing out over the globe to film in shocking areas including Fiji, Peru, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, Croatia and Cyprus.

Digital Marketing Agency | Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad
Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad

Worldwide city visits supplier SANDEMANs New Europe has charged What Marketing to create a progression of '24 hours in the city' recordings for 55% of the urban areas the organization works in.

The group at SANDEMANs New Europe were so awed with the work What Marketing did in Berlin a year ago, that it authorized an extra five movies to be made, each exhibiting the absolute best every city brings to the table.

Stephanie Taylor-Carrillo, Chief Partnerships and Communications Officer at SANDEMANs, stated: "We were overwhelmed by the dynamic imagination at What Marketing, just as the nature of their work and the outcomes they create. They truly exhibited a solid return of speculation so there was no doubt that we needed to broaden our working association with them."

Chris Townsend, prime supporter and MD of What Marketing, said "To state What Marketing is going spots is putting it mildly – 24 nations around the globe and checking! It's completely staggering the reaction that we have had to our work and to win customers from around the world is stunning.

"We're as yet a youthful organization and we've buckled down to assemble our notoriety inside the movement business. It's an area we have a ton of information and involvement in and it helps that the group truly appreciate the work they do – particularly in these shocking areas. We're all truly anticipating finishing these new customer briefs and demonstrating to them the last outcomes."

Chris and paid media expert, Liam Cooper, are the first of the What Marketing group to begin the worldwide undertakings this year with a trek to Indonesia, Fiji and Vanuatu for The Green Lion.

This article is created by One of the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad for knowing more tips and growth about Digital Marketing to the present generation

Thursday, 7 February 2019

HR Openings in Hyderabad for Freshers Who already got HR Training

HR Openings in Hyderabad for Freshers Who already got HR Training

Hi Ramit Solutions
As per the discussion we are sending you the details for HR Opening positions for freshers who already finished HR Training
This is Srinivas Reddy from Source bridge consulting, 

We are hiring for  Hr Recruiter for my internal purpose tomorrow i am conducting  interviews, if you have any one please refer me.

HR Openings for who Finished HR Training

Company Name: Source Bridge Consulting.
Job Type: Full time.
Experience:: 0 to 2 Years.
Salary : As per the industry.
Working hours:9:30 AM to 6 PM( only 5 Days Week).
Position: HR Recruiter.
Location: Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Walk in time:27-Oct-18,10 to 12 PM.

Contact Person: Srinivas Reddy
Contact: 9908233299

Friday, 28 December 2018

Many of my students asking about Insta | Is it possible to merge two Instagram accounts?

Many of my students asking about Insta | Is it possible to merge two Instagram accounts? | How to manage multiple Instagram accounts | Digital Marketing Training

You can merge two or more Instagram accounts to have good management and be convenient in every activity. When adding multiple accounts Instagram, you can merge different accounts without having to log out and log in again.

Many of my students asking about Insta

Many of my students asking about Insta

Adding multiple accounts on Instagram, you should follow some steps such as: Go to your page Choose the setting part Scroll to the bottom and click on add account Enter the username and password of the account you want to add Note that you can add a maximum of 5 accounts.

Instagram users with multiple accounts can now easily toggle between them in the Instagram app. This feature, which rolled out in early 2017, was long overdue, as users had been asking for a solution to easily switch between accounts for a very long time. Before the update, users had to log out of one account and log back into another every time they wanted to check it, or were at the mercy of third-party apps — many of which actually made it difficult to jump from one account to the next. In the age of instant gratification, this was grossly inefficient.

Now, Instagrammers have the ability to add up to five accounts to the Instagram app, meaning you, your cat, your baby, and/or several inanimate objects in your life can each have a platform to express themselves, whether by posting or reposting photos, GIFs, or videos. Although you may never accumulate as many followers as the official Queen of Instagram, Selena Gomez, you can still relish the moment when one of your photos receives that crucial 11th like and your general existence is momentarily validated.

You’ll be well on your way to celebrity status if you utilize the steps outlined below on how to manage multiple Instagram accounts. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, young tortoise.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Digital Marketing Openings in Hyderabad | Digital Marketing Jobs in Hyderabad

Digital Marketing Openings in Hyderabad | Digital Marketing Jobs in Hyderabad

Dear Sir /Madam,

As discussed,we have a requirement of Digital Marketing Executive - Female in our corporate office Moulali,Hyd.please find attached DJ for the same.

Kindly send us the suitable C.V's for sort listing the candidates.

Company : Universal Chemicals
Openings : 10
Location : Hyderabad

Responsibilities Devising strategies to drive online traffic to the

company website.
 Tracking conversion rates and making improvements
to the website.
 Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns
 Utilising a range of techniques like SEO.
 Overseeing the social media strategy for the company.
 Managing online brand and product campaigns toraise brand awareness.
 Managing the redesign of the company website.
 Improving the usability, design, content andconversion of the company website
 Responsibility for planning and budgetary control of alldigital marketing
 Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data.
 Review new technologies and keep the company atthe forefront of developments in digital marketing.​
 Handling the INDIAMART, JUSTDAIL, TRADEINDIAand enquiry’s on online and generating leads.
 You have to do follow-ups of tenders and gather the information about exhibitions.


Thanks & Regards
Rajesh Kumar.Ch
Manager -  HR

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

PHP Developer Openings Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Job Description

 We are looking for a PHP Developer for one of our reputed client based out of Hyderabad.
Should have 3-5 years of hands-on experience
Priority will be given to the immediate joiners.
Candidates from Hyderabad and neighboring cities should only apply.
Do state your current CTC, expected CTC and Notice Period while applying.

The job responsibilities include: -

- Plan, design, develop, debug and implement web-based applications and Services
Responsible for both backend & frontend development, including creating WordPress themes and plugins from scratch
- Actively developing a software with more than 100000 active users.
- Working on Weekly Update Cycles
- Working on WordPress Plugins & Themes
- Designing and implementing new features and functionality
- Establishing and guiding the architecture of the website
- Ensuring high-performance and availability, and managing all technical aspects of the CMS
- Helping formulate an effective, responsive design and turning it into a working theme and Plugin


Skills Set:  HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Responsive Frameworks

-       Position requires a combination of programming skills
-       Must have good understanding of the entire web development process, including design, development, and deployment is preferred
-       Strong knowledge of WordPress, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, and Responsive Frameworks
-       Strong hands-on expertize in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL
-       Must be proficient in developing WordPress plugins and themes.

Company Description

NutanTek is a young and dynamic professional services company that leverages the judicious...   Read full description

Additional Information

Last updated:
Job type:
Full time
Position type:
Company Name:
NutanTek Solutions LLP
Minimum experience:
Between three and five years
Salary range:
₹ 4,00,000 - ₹ 6,00,000 / Yearly (Gross Pay)
Per Company Policy
Jobs in IT - Software Programming / Analysis , Jobs in Internet Technologies / Web / E-Commerce