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How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google

How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google

by Sriram Lathish Kumar, RamitSolutions

When I initial started as a webmaster, there have been varied search engines around. Nowadays, though, we are, for the foremost half, left with solely Google and Bing, with Google providing the bulk of holiday makers to most websites, as well as seojobshyderabad.blogspot.com. this text provides some tips about however you'll be able to improve the position of your web site within the computer programme results on Google.

Improving Your Site's Placement on Google's Search Engine Results

Google ranks a page according to a large number of factors. Exactly what these factors are is apparently a trade secret, although there are number of well-known things that contribute to the ranking of a page.

  1. Links Pointing to Your Website

    One of the factors that contribute to a web page being considered "important" is the number of links pointing to that page. For example, if your page has 100 quality links leading to it, it will be ranked higher (in Google's estimation) than one that only has 20.
    But what are "quality" links"? These are links from other popular pages, that is, pages that have, themselves, many (quality) links pointing to them. (Yeah, I know. My definition is circular. And it's possible that the search engine has other factors that determine the quality of a link.)
    Anyway, in general, since Google ranks your pages according to the number of links pointing at your page, your site will do better if it has more links pointing to it.
  2. Your Title Tag

    Google seems to give weight to the title of your page. By title, I mean the text that is sandwiched between the HTML <TITLE> tags in the <HEAD> section of your web page. If you use a Web editor that automatically inserts a title like "New Document", remember to change it to some meaningful text with your keywords inside to reap the benefit of this feature. Otherwise, your site will only feature in the search results when someone looks for "New Document".
    Note: by "keywords", I mean the words people will use when searching for your site. For example, if your site sells bicycles, then one keyword for it would be "bicycles", since that's the word you'd expect people to use when searching for bicycles.
  3. Your Page Must Have the Words You Think People Will Search For

    Besides the title tag, if you want your website to feature in Google's results when someone searches for a set of words, say "Widget X", those words must actually occur on your page. Think about it from the point of view of a search engine. If you don't put the words "Widget X" somewhere on the page, how is the search engine supposed to know that the page deals with that topic? The search engine is not a human being who can draw inferences from the general tone and content of the page. Even if it can handle some synonyms, you're going to compete with other sites who have specifically placed those words on their site.
    I know this point seems self-evident (once you've come across it). However, from experience, many webmasters (me included) don't seem to realise ("realize" in US English) that when they are first starting out.
  4. Keyword-laden Links

    According to a paper published by one of Google's founders, if the links pointing to your page has some words in them, those words will be regarded by Google as an additional indication of the content of your page. For example, a link with the text "Cheap Shoe Store" pointing at your page will cause Google to think that your page is relevant when someone searches for "cheap shoe store".
    However, my recommendation is that if you think a particular set of words is relevant to your site, don't rely on some random site on the Internet to link to you with those words. Put them directly on your page.

Other Google Tips

  1. Use a Search Engine Site Map

    Although not strictly necessary, if you find that Google (or Bing, for that matter) is not able to discover some pages on your website, create a site map. I don't mean the type of user site map that you see on ramitsolutions.com (which is primarily meant for human beings), but a site map that is specially designed for search engines. While such a site map does not guarantee that Google will index and list every page, it will at least help it discover those missing pages if your site design is such that it has impeded the search engine from finding them before.
  2. Check Your Robots.txt File

    Like all respectable search engines, Google will read and obey a special text file on your website called the "robots.txt" file. You can control where search engines are allowed to go with this file. A corollary of this is that you can also inadvertantly block the search engine from going to certain parts of your site. It's generally a good idea to create a robots.txt file for your website, even if it's an empty file with zero bytes (which means that search engines are allowed to index everything on your site).
  3. ALT text on Images

    If you have been placing images on your website without bothering to place ALT text, now is a good time to add them. An "ALT text" (or alternate text) is just a way of putting a brief description (using words) of what your picture shows. They are needed by the software used by the blind so that they know what's in the picture. Since all search engines, including Google, are essentially blind, relying on words, they also need the ALT text. The description you give in the ALT text is treated like the words occurring on your web page, although I don't know if they are regarded as being of equal importance.
  4. Be Careful Whom You Hire

    Google's use of links to rank a website has at least 2 side effects on the Internet. Firstly, people seeking to rank higher have engaged companies to furnish them with zillions of links. Those companies presumably set up a whole bunch of sites for the sole purpose of linking to their clients. Secondly, as a response to this, the Google programmers have retaliated (and continue to do so) by discrediting links from such "link networks" as well as penalising the sites that pay them for the service.
    It's apparently possible to run afoul of this even if you have no intention of buying links. For example, if you are not careful, and have engaged a search engine optimisation ("SEO") company to improve your site's performance on Google, and they use a link network, your site may inadvertantly get caught in the crossfire of this ongoing war between the link networks and Google.
  5. The META Keywords Tag is Ignored

    The Google search engine ignores the META keywords tag, and has always done so. If you have received spam from some wannabe search engine optimisation "specialist" telling you that you need to add this to your site, think twice about hiring him/her, since this recommendation already gives you a hint of the extent of his/her knowledge.
  6. Dynamic Pages and Google

    Like all modern search engines (yeah, all 2 of them), Google is able to index dynamically generated pages, so long as a link to those pages exists somewhere. For example, a page like "http://example.com/showstuff.php?page=19" can be indexed by Google, so you don't really need to rewrite your URLs if you can't be bothered.
    If you have a dynamically generated page that you think should be indexed, just make sure you put a link to it somewhere on your site. This applies to all web pages that you want indexed anyway, so even if you don't understand what I mean by "dynamic page", it doesn't matter. Make sure that all the pages of your site can be found through at least one link on your site. If they are not linked to from somewhere, no one will be able to find it, neither Google nor your visitors (unless they are psychic).
  7. Disabling the Caching of Your Page Will Not Affect Your Page Rank

    In ancient history, it was claimed that Google would penalise pages that forbade it from caching their pages. As you know, the Google search engine caches the pages it indexes unless otherwise instructed. To avoid problems with people who dislike this, they allow sites to instruct Google not to cache those pages.
    Google have ("has" in US English) apparently publicly denied that disabling caching would affect the page's ranking in any way. I tend to believe their claim.
  8. Don't Waste Your Time With The Google Toolbar's Page Rank

    In prehistoric times, you could add something known as the Google Toolbar to your web browser, and get something known as the "Page Rank" shown for any site you visit. In those days, the "Page Rank" would give you an idea of how important Google thought your site was.
    Nowadays, the Page Rank is only one of apparently zillions of factors used by Google in ranking a website. They also discourage people from focusing on the Page Rank, and as a result, do not actually update the rank displayed on the toolbar in a timely fashion. (That is, the rank shown is often many months out of date.) In fact, I'm not sure if the page rank is even shown on the toolbar anymore.
    In other words, it's not worth your time to install the toolbar.
  9. Social Signals

    This could be helpful a lot for the better positions in Google
  10. Infographics

Create Infographics and share them in to Infographic sites ad Social Sites

For Further Reading

If you want to read more about making your site search engine ready follow this blog by submitting you mail ID

Job openings for Senior SEO/SEM Consultant in Hyderabad

Opportunity for Senior SEO/SEM Consultant in Hyderabad | Job Openings for Senior SEO/SEM Consultant in Hyderabad

Job Location: Hyderabad

Dear Candidate,
Let us know if you are interested with below opportunity.

Senior SEO/SEM Consultant
Location : Hyderabad.
Job Openings for Senior SEO/SEM | SEO Jobs in Hyderabad
Job Openings for Senior SEO/SEM | SEO Jobs in Hyderabad

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Conduct keyword research and selection for pay-per-click campaigns and SEO projects.
* Create grammatically correct metadata and copy targeted at both humans and search engine bots.
* Experience in Social Media Marketing and Analytics will be an added requirement.
* Analyze websites and document changes required for SEO.
* Monitor, on an on-going basis, SEO results and requirements and manage projects to ensure continued high rankings.
* Provide ongoing support of all SEO initiatives including reporting, analysis and optimization recommendations.
* Proactively make strategic PPC campaign recommendations.
* Utilize bid management tools and data modeling to maximize the effectiveness of PPC campaigns.
* Monitor campaign results, analyze key metrics, and optimize click-through and conversion rates.
* Optimize landing pages for search engine quality score with the kind of copy/ content on the website or the landing page.
* Web development understanding (for inserting meta tags, etc.) is an added advantage.
* Good English (written communication) is a requirement.

Job Requirements

* Around 5-8 years of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization, analytics and pay-per click experience.
* Must have knowledge of Google Adwords. Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter is a plus.

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Hiring Team
HSS Soft

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Job Openings on Digital Marketing Consultant | Digital Marketing Openings in Hyderabad

Job Openings on Digital Marketing Consultant | Digital Marketing Openings in Hyderabad

Kindly find the details below for the recruitment and send you present students or previous students resumes for the Interviews

Company : ZOI Immigration Private Limited
Location : Hyderabad

No Of Openings
Freshers : 3
Exp : 1

Job Description

* Able to understand the business website thoroughly so as to implement a strategic plan for Google Adwords.
* Perform account management activities on Google Adwords for various clients like maintenance of keyword bids, daily budget, search terms analysis etc...
* Highly creative in writing good ad copies for the clients ranging from B2B and B2C segment.
* Manage intermediate to the large scale of keywords inside the Adwords account.
* Ready to meet targets and deadlines within the defined time period.
* Perform keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities
* Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages Administer search engine programs (XML sitemaps, shopping feeds, webmaster tools) for purposes of diagnostic reporting on client projects
* Help to create and support marketing content to socialize and use for social media purposes (e.g. customer videos briefs, customer case studies, blog posts, posts from analysts and customers)
* Assist in development and execution of communication/content strategies via social communities in coordination with SEO goals
* Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, reports, and key reporting tools, and point out key areas of importance in accordance client goals
* Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels
* Communication to team and management on project development, timelines, and results
* Work closely with the other team members to meet client goal.
* latest on page techniques-structured data, schema org.
* latest google algorithm updates.
* Latest off page techniques to increase traffic. Requirements:
* Minimum 2 years of experience in Google Adwords and SEO
* Any graduate.
* Good Communication skills

Salary: Depending on the skills
Industry: Education / Teaching / Training Functional
Area:Marketing , Advertising , MR , PR , Media Planning Role
Category:Online/Digital Marketing
Role:Search Engine Marketing/SEM Specialist

Company Profile
ZOI Immigration Private Limited
Zoi Overseas is promoted by a group of professionals with expertise in the areas of international student recruitment, immigration practices, education management and marketing.

All Interested Students of RAMITSOLUTIONS and MINDQSYSTEMS can send their resumes to ramitsolutionsindia@gmail.com

Openings on Digital Marketing Analyst | Digital Marketing Jobs in Hyderabad

Openings on  Digital Marketing Analyst | Digital Marketing Jobs with Perceptive Analytics

Job Description

- Assisting in planning, coordination, and organizing for the company's participation in various conferences, trade shows, and events.

    - Promoting webinars or any other marketing events on social media.

    - Helping in designing and preparing marketing collateral, case studies, white papers, and brochures.

    - Posting regularly on company's social media pages.

    - Coordinating with vendors for getting marketing materials printed.

    - Executing email marketing campaigns.

    - Preparing and generating marketing reports.

    - Updating content on website and landing pages.

    Eligibility : Any Graduate
Salary:Not Disclosed by Recruiter
Role Category:Online/Digital Marketing
Role:Email Marketing Manager


Digital MarketingPromotionsEmail MarketingEvent MarketingSocial MediaEventsMarketing CampaignsMarketing AnalysisCase Studies

Desired Candidate Profile

UG:Any Graduate - Any Specialization
PG:Any Postgraduate - Any Specialization
Doctorate:Doctorate Not Required
    - Minimum 1 year experience in marketing.

    - Excellent knowledge in - Social Media, Computing, Internet Research.

    - Excellent communication skills - Oral and Written.

    - Should be qualified graduate in any degree.

    - Knowledge in using GIMP or any other designing tools will be a plus.

    - Ability to work hard.

    Location: This position would be based out of our office at Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

    Apply with updated CV & good Cover Letter :

    - You can apply to us by writing a good cover letter (we give high importance to cover letter while evaluating your candidature. We recommend you to spend sufficient time and effort in writing a good cover letter).
Company Profile:
Perceptive Analytics
Leading Client of Perceptive Analytics
View Contact Details
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Immediate .Net Developer/Lead opening in CMM Level 5 company, Hyderabad

Immediate .Net Developer/Lead opening in CMM Level 5 company, Hyderabad

Apply Now   Reply

Dear Candidate,

This is with the reference of your cv on one of the job portal,Currently we have an opening with CMM Level 5 certified MNC.Kindly go through with the Job Profile below.....

Job Description:

Exp: 5-10 yrs(Designation will be based upon exp level)

Job location: Hyderabad

1. Should have extensive experience in .Net and documentation
2. Resource should have experience in .Net Web and desktop applications. Also requires documentation knowledge like system requirement, Design Specification and test cases.
3. Good communication skills required.

If you are interested then kindly send your updated resume with below details:  
* Your current location:
* Are you open for Hyderabad (Y/N):
* Current In hand per month:
* Expected In hand per month:
* Total IT Exp:
* Relevant exp:
* Are you open for contract to hire position(Y/N)
* Maximum time to join(Immediate to Max 15 days):
* Highest qualification:

* D.O.B:
Note: Immediate Joiners are Preferable.

You can also fwd this mail to any of your friend who is interested for this position.
If you have any query then you can contact me.

Thanks & Regards
Priyanka -RMG
IDC Technologies Sol. (I) Pvt. Ltd.- |CMM Level 3 Company | www.idctechnologies.com
Address: C-22/26, Sector - 57, NOIDA, UP - 201301
Mail id:- priyanka@idctechnologies.com

Walk in Interviews@ KernelSphere Technologies Private Limited@ Ui Designer/Developer, Web Developer

Dear Ramit Solutions
As per telephonic discussion sending the details. Fine below

Walk in Interviews@ kernelSphere Technologies Private Limited@ Wordpres + PHP 
Designation Web Developer/Designer/Ui Designer/Developer (wordpress+ Megento)
Number of positions: 3
Experience: 2-10
Location: Hyderabad
Work: Full Time
Salary: As per the Industry 
Qualification: Any degree, Any Qualification

Job Responsibulites:

Good knowledge in Photoshop, HTML5 & CSS, Dreamweaver, PHP, Java Script, JQuery, AJAX, wordpress

Candidate should be proficient in Wordpress, Zoomla, Megento will be added advantage.

Should be well aware of developing fast and responsive websites using light weight and mobile friendly technologies

Design and develop web pages, email newsletters, graphics, multimedia pieces, and responsive UIs from initial concept to wireframe design, and convert the same to HTML interface and experience implementing them across various platforms like web, mobile and custom built applications.

A professional approach to time and quality of work and work within deadlines
Work closely with Senior Visual Designers, Creative/Art Directors and Project Managers throughout the project life cycle

Designing webpage layout
Determining technical requirements
Updating websites
Creating back up files
Solving code problems

Having knowledge on Multimedia design, Content management, Multimedia programming and technology, Databases, Webpage scripting, Programming, Digital imaging, Multimedia design, Web development
Having knowledge on Multimedia design, Content management, Multimedia programming and technology, Databases, Webpage scripting, Programming, Digital imaging, Multimedia design, Web development
Work location / Interview Location
@ Hitechcity (Madhapur) 2nd Floor, # 201, 1st Street,
Patrika Nagar, My Home Hub Backside Madhapur, Hitechcity, Hyd-81

Contact person:
A.Chandra Kumar
Center Manager
Call: 7093 09 9088, 9100937750

About Us:
Kernelsphere Technologies Pvt Ltd, a focused in systems, storage, virtualization and cloud computing company providing top-class business consulting, information technology and communication services. 
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Head Office 
Hitechcity (Madhapur) 2nd Floor, # 201, 1st Street, B square Towers
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Immediate hiring for SEO Analyst for an International company in Hyderabad | SEO Job Openings in Hyderabad

Experience required for the Job: 4 - 7 years

Apply Now   Reply

Dear Candidate,
Hi All,

Greetings from Teletext India Limited

About Teletext & Zen3:

A brand with over 20 years of heritage in the UK, teletext started providing teletext services for ITV and Channel 4 in 90's. Teletext-branded service was one of the first teletext service in the UK, BBC is the one of the original developers of teletext. Teletext has a long history and background in media and well recognized in media circles. Teletext has deep expertise & recognition in Media, Travel and technology brands

Zen3 is a Teletext owned brand in India & US providing technology solutions in digital media space to top clients like Microsoft, Comcast, BOA etc. We have about 400+ technology professionals working in UK, US and India locations delivering innovative digital media and internet solutions with 250 Million dollars annual turnover

About Teletext in Travel Domain

Teletextholidays.co.uk still ranks within the top ten most visited websites for online holiday searches in the UK. More than 20 million visitors every year come to search and compare prices for thousands of holiday offers and last year we sent over 300,000 passengers away on holidays around the globe.

Position: SEO Analyst
Experience: 4-7 Yrs
Located in Hyderabad

Job Description:

Must have 4 years in SEO.
Responsible for SEO strategy to improve the organic traffic for HealthyPeach.com
Knowledge in landing Page Optimization.
Analysis & Implementation OFF Page strategies as per current trends.
Excellent understanding of ethical (White Hat) SEO, Link building etc.
Experience with dynamic sites optimization.
Maintain in-depth knowledge and analysis of industry trends and SEO news to identify new opportunities
Review and analyse competitor sites, back links and understand their organic search approach.
Knowledge in Google webmaster tool & analytics reports to measuring success and to further optimize the pages base on the user behaviour flow.
Knowledge in SEO tools
Excellent communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.
Manage weekly and monthly SEO reports

Note: Interested candidates can share your updated with below email id
saritha@teletext.co.in along with below details

Total Experience:
Relevant Experience SEO:
Relevant Experience PPC:
Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Reason for Job Change
Notice Period:
Willing to join with 30 Days: