Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ideas for digital marketing interview questions?

Suggestions needed for good interview style questions for a Digital Marketing Assistant position?

We had some great responses from members, both on the forum and in our LinkedIn group too. Since so many valuable tips were shared, we thought it would be useful to summarise the tips from the contributors on recruiting the right candidates with the right skills, and ensuring they can ' talk and deliver'.

Our summary of the interview questions

I have grouped the ideas for questions to make them quicker to scan. I hope you find these useful - do add more ideas in the comments!
1. Find out if the candidate has their own personal site 
2. Ask for feedback on how they would improve the company site?
3.  Credentials and Professional bodies.
4. Probe Digital knowledge
You can also ask questions for the different channels they will be involved with which prove detailed knowledge and experience of managing hands-on.
  • Q. SEO – if you had to pick 3 factors influencing the ranking of a page what would they be?
  • Q AdWords – how do you improve quality score/what are components of quality score?
  • Q Social media – what’s most important in encouraging sharing of a blog post/status update?
  • Q Analytics – how do you assess engagement/the value of a visitor to the business?
  • Q Campaign - ask for a campaign you’ve been involved with and what affected its success?
Finally, there were some great suggestions from Ryan U who suggested that in order to find initiative skills you need to ask "technical" questions about digital tactics to see if they even have the knowledge to operate with less supervision.

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